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25 Affirmations That Every Creative Needs To Hear

Working as a creative can be so rewarding yet extremely challenging; between a project not turning out the way you hoped after the blood, sweat, and tears you poured into it, to people telling you that you won’t achieve your creative dreams, it’s very easy to get bogged down into a negative mindset. While affirmations aren’t a cure-all for these feelings, they can be motivating and help you replace negative thinking patterns with positive thinkings patterns. The next time your creativity decelerating from negativity, try reading a few of these affirmations.

  1. The art I make is important, especially to me.

  2. My artistic ideas are abundant and original.

  3. I am in charge of my dreams, and no they aren’t too big.

  4. I will always create my art fearlessly, relentlessly, and go beyond my comfort zone.

  5. As I grow as an artist, I become more of who I’m truly meant to be.

  6. I have the courage to be vulnerable in my self-expression.

  7. I possess a brilliant, bold, and creative mind.

  8. I give myself permission to explore the full depths of my creativity

  9. I choose authenticity over perfection.

  10. My artistic expression is valued, meaningful, and important.

  11. What I labeled as mistakes previously, I know now are just nudges that help me grow as an artist.

  12. I pursue creativity without fear.

  13. My art permeates my life with abundance and inspiration.

  14. I am forever grateful for my imaginative mind.

  15. I am exactly where I’m meant to be on my artistic journey.

  16. I am an innovator. I am a thinker. I am a creator and I believe in me.

  17. Positive thinking ignites my artistic impulses.

  18. I am bursting with pride as I see my new ideas come to fruition.

  19. My creative time is valuable and worthwhile.

  20. I am grateful for the creative ideas that come to me.

  21. I will complete my next creative endeavor with focus and positive energy.

  22. I enjoy having an outlet for my artistic abilities.

  23. I feel inspired to take risks with my art.

  24. I have an adventurous, imaginative mind.

  25. I am confident and skilled in my creative work.


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