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Creative Studio Chronicles

The typical sounds of metropolitan life begin to fade as I enter the building. Cars rushing by, busy corporate employees walking to their next meeting, and the loud clanging of city construction becomes an overstimulating thing of the future as I’m instantly transported to a lobby that’s reminiscent of an 1800s Paris salon. My eyes become distracted with rich colors in every direction, as ornate chandeliers casting a dim glow reveal antique paintings and detailed murals peppered along the walls and ceilings. I continue down the corridor and I’m greeted by two metal elevator doors that feel like portals to a fantasy world, as if I’m a character in The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. As the elevator door slides open, I’m pleasantly surprised as I’m met with a continuation of this Parisian dream. My fingertips graze the cool mahogany wood walls that decorate the small space, and my eyes take in the crown molding evocative of a French boutique hotel. I press the button for the eighth floor and my senses are in overdrive as I anticipate what’s to come. A soft ding vibrates through my ears as the elevator arrives at its destination. The door glides open and I feel as though I’m in a top fashion house in Europe as I take in the clean, white walls and bright lights. I notice a sliver of sunlight decorating the wall to my left, and as I search for the source, I see a door that’s cracked open. Faint laughter can be heard as I step closer; my hand twists the cool gold doorknob and I have to pinch myself to see if I’m in dream when I’m met with the fantasy that’s hidden behind the door: The Chateau. My nose is instantly filled with the calming aroma of fresh linens wafting from the white drapes in the back of the room. While the beauty of Richmond’s skyline peeks through the curtains, the sun dances between the fabric and casts a warm glow throughout the space. I immediately start thinking about which type of content I should create first; a family photoshoot? A boudoir session? Just when I think I’ve reached the limit of possibilities in The Chateau, I notice a gold frame out of the corner of my eye. I turn and there it is, a gorgeous print sitting high above a luxurious cafe setting. Whether I’m creating lifestyle content or networking with a fellow creative, I can do it within the comfort of The Chateau. As I settle into the velvety bench situated beneath the gold frame, I start to imagine young creatives and students working side by side to produce unique art. I can practically hear the gears turning in their head and see their wide grins when they’re proud of their work. Suddenly, I notice a pair of French doors luring me towards the next room.

Another burst of sunlight clouds my judgement as I enter the nucleus of the studio: The Content Campus. I take note of the expansive room and the endless potential it holds. Any event from a baby shower to a dinner party, or a large scale set installation can occur within the 800 square feet of space. A vague glimmer catches my peripheral view as I soak in the Content Campus, as my vision adjusts, I realize that it’s silver fabric peeking out from an armoire similar to ones located in the Ritz Paris. My fingers graze the high quality fabric and I begin to dream about the countless ensembles that can be created for events and photoshoots. The French fantasy world I’m in begins to cloud my judgment and I force myself to sit down. I stumble towards a plush, black couch so I can rest for a moment, and that’s when I register the various pieces of furniture dispersed throughout the Content Campus. Everything from a luxurious claw foot bath tub to marble tables, the furniture has been designed to fit any set of needs. Just when the fog in my brain starts to dissipate, I hear the same laughter from before.

I follow the melodic sound, and I arrive at the final room within the studio: The Creative Core. All of my senses are kicked into high gear as the typical sounds of a photoshoot happen all around me. From the faint scent left behind from a finishing spritz of hairspray, to the sound of backdrop paper being rolled out onto the slick hardwood floors, I feel like I’m watching a Dior campaign in Paris unfold right in front of me. I take a step back and stumble into a clothes rack housing every fabric and garment imaginable; the sunlight catches a jacket covered in sequins and I’m in awe at how the rays bounce from room to room throughout the day and I know immediately this is where I belong.


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