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How To Execute a Vision on Set

Last week, we discussed building out a concept for a photoshoot, specifically our “Mad Woman” project. We were able to bring this vision to life a few days ago, and want to share an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at all of the moving parts that had to happen for this shoot to go smoothly. Firstly, having a call sheet is tantamount to a photoshoot staying on time and running efficiently. Call sheets help to minimize any questions about what time certain looks are being shot and which crew member has what task. Moreover, ensuring you leave a bit of wiggle room with a call sheet is important; realistically, mistakes and accidents happen, so leaving room for a possible error will help to lessen any anxiety about going off kilter.

In addition to a call sheet, having a Pinterest board with a shot list that’s prepped and ready to go before you step on set is so important. As previously stated in last week’s post, shot lists allow you to fully flesh out a concept and gather inspiration for posing and set design. An important tip that we try to remember while shooting is that shot lists are not set in stone; if inspiration strikes on the spot during the shoot, it’s okay to move things in a slightly different direction. On the day of your project, make sure to review the shot list with the model(s) you're working with. Ensuring that both you and your subject are on the same page decreases confusion and gets you one step closer to executing your vision properly.

Furthermore, setting the right tone for the day and the photoshoot is extremely important for everyone on set to feel comfortable. For example, with our “Mad Woman” photoshoot, revealing ensembles were created for the project, so establishing that the set is a safe space will make both you, the crew, and the model(s) wearing the revealing garments more secure. Additionally, having a stressed-out or negative person leading a creative team for a photoshoot brings down the atmosphere and makes people uncomfortable or afraid to ask questions. This rule also applies to the type of music being played on set; obviously, music is a very personal thing, but ensuring that any music being played matches the mood you’re trying to set is important. Many models appreciate having music that matches the Pinterest board and the overall concept of a photoshoot to help them get into character.

Another important factor that goes into executing a photoshoot is ensuring that you have someone to take behind-the-scenes content for you. With many creatives working as freelancers or independent contractors, promoting yourself on social media is essential. If you’re able to capture behind-the-scenes content, it will be much easier to make TikToks or Instagram reels to show your process or promote your artistry. On the day of a photoshoot, we like to gather every crew member’s phone number or email so we can add them to a shared iCloud album. Using a tool such as iCloud allows everyone to be included and upload any behind-the-scenes content they take.

Lastly, try to remember that executing a concept for a project is both work and pleasure. When everyone on set is on the same page and putting in maximum effort to carry out a vision, a beautiful result is born.


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