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Finding the Perfect Location for Your Photoshoot

Are you looking for a space with natural light?

Each one of our studios would be a great choice for a space with natural light. With a plethora of windows dispersed throughout each studio, the light travels from room to room throughout the day. If you’re looking to do a photoshoot in the morning with natural light, then The Chateau would be perfect; the sun dances between the linen curtains and brightens up the room, bringing a positive energy to the space.

Should you want over 800 sq ft of playground space with natural studio lighting, then the Content Campus is for you. While we’re capable of curating a set for you in each of the three studios, the Content Campus allows for a larger-scale set build with complimentary natural light. With the sunlight traveling from room to room throughout the day, shooting in the Content Campus would be best in the afternoon.

If you’re interested in a more traditional space with natural light, then our third studio, the Creative Core would be ideal. We have a variety of backdrops ready for use in this room, and the warm evening glow of the sun is the perfect accessory to an editorial shoot or comp card digitals.

Are you looking for props?

For certain photoshoots, props are vital to conveying a specific theme or mood; to help clients with this, we have an array of props available for use. To explore our prop rentals, visit the membership tab on our website. Included in our memberships are varying prop rental packages. For example, if you’re interested in our Evolving Creative membership, then you can participate in three hours of unlimited prop and set-piece rentals.

Are you looking for wardrobe options?

Here at Called to Create Studios, we’re equipped with a fantastic collection of wardrobe options available for client use. We have accessories ranging from wedding veils to parasols and a variety of garments like extravagant gowns and sequin jackets. While our wardrobe pieces can be used in each studio, to have full use of our wardrobe, obtaining a membership would be ideal. Our Expert Creative membership allows clients to have full unlimited wardrobe access. To learn more, click the memberships tab above.

Are you looking for various backdrop options?

Having the right backdrop for a photoshoot can make or break the final images. Ensuring that a backdrop compliments the story you’re trying to convey without overpowering the model and wardrobe is important. Our third studio, the Creative Core, is outfitted with different simple yet quality backdrops. Whether you’re shooting an editorial spread, headshots, or comp card digitals, the Creative Core is the space for all your backdrop needs.

Are you looking for city views?

In addition to the many windows throughout each of our spaces, our first studio, The Chateau, has sliding glass doors that act like a portal to Manhattan. With our studio being located in the heart of downtown Richmond, we have the ability to provide clients with a unique experience; the interior of our space may look like you’re in Paris, but the juxtaposition of the breathtaking city views behind the glass doors offer a new setting for photoshoots.

Are you looking for lifestyle settings?

The Chateau is capable of supporting a diverse range of photoshoot concepts, one of them being lifestyle settings. Our first space is equipped with a cafe setting that’s reminiscent of a Parisian bistro, in addition to a kitchen area, and a luxurious living space. Whether you want to shoot a brand deal for a company like Home Goods, a boudoir session, or film a podcast, The Chateau can cater to all of your lifestyle setting needs.


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