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Five Creative Do’s & Don'ts That Every Artist Should Follow

Whether you’re a newbie to the creative industry, or a seasoned professional with many years of experience under your belt, sometimes we need a bit of guidance when navigating this field. For example, in order to be creative and explore your mind’s limits, you need inspiration and innovation, but if you’re in a creative rut it’s hard to fulfill those traits. Moreover, we are all capable of tapping into our artistry, but not everyone knows how to harness their imaginative thoughts and produce something meaningful. By integrating these do’s and don’ts into your creative life, you’ll be able to improve the quality of work that you’re creating while bettering your skills in the long run.

1. DO: Create unique content

  • Find what makes your process and artistry unique and explore what your audience wants to see. There’s so much content out there that gets lost within the algorithm because there aren’t any unique traits that separate a creator from everyone else. It’s alright to participate in a trending sound on TikTok, but make sure your content has a distinctive element that allows you to stand out. Technology is growing so rapidly, that we must innovate to find new ways to share our creations!

DON'T: Create content that someone can easily Google or look up on their own

2. DO: Stay humble

  • As previously mentioned, it’s possible that you may be a seasoned member of the creative industry; while that’s all good and well unless you’re humble and willing to learn throughout your career, your creativity may become stagnant. Having an open mind and the willingness to learn from other creatives will separate you from creatives who get burnt out.

DON'T: Ignore feedback or constructive criticism

3. DO: Collaborate with other creatives

  • Collaboration is key in this industry when it comes to growing your skillset. Working with other creatives and observing how they do things is a great learning tool when used correctly. Moreover, partnering with another creative may open up your mind to a certain technique or idea that you hadn’t thought of, which could end up being beneficial in the long run.

DON'T: Just take on any project; the spaces you put yourself in directly influence your own creative outcomes. Choose wisely, not every collaboration request should be a yes. Ask yourself, “What does this do to take me to the next level?”

4. DO: Create outside of your comfort zone

  • If you’re currently in a creative rut, it could be a result of staying within your limits. A big part of taking your creativity to the next level is tapping into your potential and harnessing your creativity. Nothing magical happens when we try to create in a stagnant environment. Push yourself to see what you’re really capable of!

DON'T: Stay stuck using the same techniques

5. DO: Take breaks

  • Recharging your mental batteries is crucial to preventing creative burnout. While pushing yourself and exploring your creativity can be exciting, remember to take time to rest and fully develop your ideas. There’s no timeline for creativity, so don’t feel the need to overwork yourself.

DON'T: Force yourself to create at the cost of your mental health

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