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Intentions To Implement Into Your Life As A Creative In 2024

The clock strikes midnight and a new year begins, along with the excitement of another 365 days comes a wave of introspection and a need to set resolutions that will suddenly change our lives for the better. While making resolutions and setting goals for ourselves is a relatively healthy habit, we typically hold ourselves to an unrealistic standard in the new year and label ourselves as failures if we don’t accomplish what we set out to do at midnight on January 1st. As a result, we want to challenge you and other creatives to utilize the new year as a chance to rekindle your passion for art and set intentions rather than extreme goals for the next 12 months; to inspire your personal list of intentions, we’ve included some of our own for 2024 down below!

Cultivate Consistent Creativity

  • Whether your creative endeavor is your full-time job or your side hustle, set aside dedicated and consistent time to channel your imagination and practice your craft. If procrastination is one habit you’re trying to kick in the new year, start out with small, regular efforts to get some creative work done because this will eventually lead to a routine. For those of us who need a little more organization, try implementing these small amounts of allotted time into your calendar so that you’re setting the daily intention of working on your craft. 

Prioritize Self-Care

  • Setting goals to be healthier in the new year is one of the most popular resolutions, and while that’s great, this resolution often leaves out your mental health. As creatives, the nucleus of our work is our imagination, but creativity becomes more challenging without taking proper care of our mental health. In 2024, try to engage in activities that are healthy for your mind, body, and soul; try meditation, yoga, or even a walk with your dog to get some fresh air and oxygen into your mind. 

Foster a Creative Community

  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded creatives in the new year will cultivate an environment of inspiration and support. Through connecting with other artists, you’ll be able to expand your network while making friends with creatives who will challenge you and push you to your limit. Try joining workshops or online forums to share ideas and find other artists to collaborate with; if you’re looking for an event where you can network while setting intentions for 2024, come to our vision board night on January 11th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm! To find out more information about this event or purchase tickets, check out this link.

Embrace Failure and Learn From It

  • On occasion, our creative ideas don’t always work out the way that we imagined them, and that’s okay. Instead of labeling yourself as a failure and filling your mind with negativity, embrace any failures that occur in 2024 and utilize them as learning opportunities. The only way we can grow is through learning from our mistakes, so use this new year as a chance to grow and forgive yourself.

Embrace Creative Exploration

  • Challenge yourself to try something new this year! Sometimes the best ideas for a project come from a new experience, so take a journal or your notes app with you when trying new things in 2024 so you can jot down any inspiration. Whether you’re trying a new cuisine from an unfamiliar culture to you, or you’re going skydiving with your friends, document the experience so you can reflect on how it made you feel. Try indulging in the unfamiliar for the next 12 months, and see how it affects your creativity. 

As the new year begins, embrace positivity and imagination and reject the negative voices in your head. Allow yourself to feel emotions and experiences on a deeper level in 2024, and channel those feelings into your artistry. While the start of the next 12 months is the start of a new journey for some, don’t view December 2024 as a destination in which you have to complete every resolution, goal, or intention that you set in January; view the end of this year as a check-in point to see how far you’ve come as an individual and a creative.



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