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Living The Dream In Paris

The wheels of the plane hit the tarmac with such force that I’m snapped out of my thoughts. As I adjust to my surroundings, I notice a ray of sunlight in my peripheral view. With intrigue and anticipation washing over me, I turn to look out of the window parallel to my seat and I’m met with one of the most amazing cities in the world: Paris. My eyes begin to fill with tears as I realize that I’ve finally made it, all of my hard work has paid off and Paris, the City of Light, is known for its fashion, timeless elegance, and amazing culture. For any creative, coming to Paris is the Mecca of inspiration; between exploring what the city has to offer and merging it with photoshoots and content creation, this was the trip of a lifetime.

Choosing the perfect backdrop for content during this trip was the farthest thing from difficult; from the picturesque landscaping at the Jardin du Luxembourg to the sunlight dancing along the Seine River, everywhere we looked complimented the garments we brought and the vision we had. For our first day of shooting, we embarked on a journey to Champagne, France, and stayed in the most charming chateau. Every corner of this chateau was lit up by natural light streaming through the antique windows and illuminating our model, Diamond. The outfits that Em pulled for this first shoot fit the location perfectly; the delicate lace top Diamond wore while posing on the balcony of the chateau recognized the rich history of French lace while the Marie Antoinette-esque skirt paid tribute to the former Queen of France. As the sun started to set on this first day, we moved things inside and changed Diamond into a different look.

Our second shoot of the day was more sultry and the epitome of French luxury with a white satin corset paired with a sheer lace skirt outfitted with a sensual slit. Jahara swapped out the dewy glam from the daytime for a sexy eye look completed by voluminous lashes. The soft sounds of jazz can be heard in the background to help set the mood for this shoot. The room we were shooting in had an antique crystal chandelier that cast a warm glow on Diamond, giving us the perfect lighting for Bre, our photographer, to work with. Bre’s talent was on full display as she snapped photos of Diamond from different angles and shot through different objects to create a gorgeous final result.

Towards the end of our trip, we had a special photoshoot planned with Karl Lagerfeld’s previous VIP designer, Moïra Cristescu. Working with Moïra was such a “pinch me” moment; between the backdrop of the Jardin du Luxembourg to her amazing artistry and craftsmanship, everything about this shoot was a dream come true. If you’ve seen any of our work, you know that we love movement from different fabrics, and Moïra constructed beautiful garments with tulle and chiffon; as the material moved in the wind, we were transported to an ethereal wonderland as the trees behind us danced in the breeze, and the vibrant flowers were the perfect addition to Moïra’s fantastic designs.

As our trip came to a close, we took a moment to marvel at how far we’ve come as creatives and individuals. We are so grateful for all of the amazing opportunities that our hard work has provided us with, and we are so excited to bring more international trips to our members in the future!


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