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Why Sadie James Hat Co. Will Be The Next Big Accessories Brand for A/W 2023

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The sun begins to set as the hum of the cicadas turns into a 12-piece orchestra. As the thick and humid Virginia air starts to break apart as nightfall approaches, suddenly, a glimmering light appears in my peripheral view. The shiny light gets closer and that’s when I’m able to take in the beauty and craftsmanship before my very eyes. Standing in front of me is one of our beyond-talented models, Diamond, and sitting on top of her head is a Sadie James Hat Co. original, aptly titled “Dazzled”. With over 2,000 crystals strategically placed by hand, the artistry and dedication to producing quality hats is evident.

Sadie James Hat Co., a Franklin, Tennessee-based company is soon to be a household name. Founded by Chelsea Edmonds in 2019, the bespoke brand specializing in luxury hats has catapulted into the hearts of western wear lovers everywhere. With a focus on quality rather than quantity, Sadie James Hat Co. produces hats that will last you for a lifetime; according to Edmonds, no two designs are the same, meaning that the product you purchase from Sadie James Hat Co. truly is one-of-a-kind.

With their Fall 2023 collection launching just last week, Sadie James Hat Co. has already seen an influx in followers and interest in their unique business model. In this new collection are ten hand-dyed hats that were created with the intention of empowering women to feel confident in themselves as the new season approaches. While we’ve previously worked with Chelsea on other brand shoots, when she reached out to us with the concept for this collection, we couldn’t say no. Working with other creatives like Chelsea who work to promote inclusivity and unique artistry allows for a fantastic experience for both parties.

A common theme noted within the teasers for this collection is the phrase “Meet us in the middle of nowhere,” and the Sadie James Hat Co. team fulfilled that sentiment with this collection. As we experience every season in a calendar year, we progress and evolve into someone new. Even if these are only small changes, our likes, dislikes, and interests grow with us, and Sadie James Hat Co. produces quality hats that can mold to our new stages in life while still maintaining authenticity, and allowing us to get lost within our minds and creativity.

Sadie James Hat Co. produces hats that double as investments. With their hands-on approach to working with customers, Sadie James Hat Co. ensures a luxurious experience and an even more luxurious outcome. Whether you’re looking to buy a hat directly from the Fall collection or work with Chelsea one-on-one to design your own hat, you’re welcomed into the Sadie James family with open arms. To book an appointment or explore the Fall collection, you can connect with the designer here.

Credits from the Fall 2023 Campaign:

Brand: @sadiejameshatco

Production: @calledtocreatestudios

Creative Director, Video + Stylist: @styledby.em

Hair + MU: @beautybyjaharajennae

Photo + Video: @brookesontape

Style Assists: @curatedbyclaudia + @anjali.arapirala

Models: @diamondminnetta, @claudiasstewart , @_hgrace_ , @haleybrovvn, @arwenstover

Model wearing western hat outfitted with 2,000 crystals
Diamond wearing the "Dazzled" hat


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