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What Our Creatives Are Cooking Up: Volume 2

With Summer coming to a close in a few weeks, we’ve recently taken the time to reminisce on the fantastic opportunities we’ve experienced throughout the last couple of months. We’ve had the pleasure of continuing relationships with some of our near and dear creatives while also fostering new relationships with some very talented artists. Additionally, we’ve worked on a plethora of photoshoots, campaigns, and hosted our first networking event. This season has brought us so many wonderful experiences, creatives, and talent; we can only hope for the same sentiments this Fall!

Two models embracing during a photoshoot
Image from beauty campaign; Photographed by Bree Robertson (

Bree (@image.byb)

Bree’s skills never fail to amaze us; her talent shines through in each image she produces and we’re so grateful for her presence in our studio. Most recently, Bree worked with us on a beauty campaign focused on the talents of one of our founders and studio owners, Jahara Jennae (@beautybyjaharajennae). Bree’s ability to capture the unique beauty of each model was such a treat to watch, and the positivity she brings to a set is contagious. If you’re interested in working with Bree, contact her via Instagram.

Couple posing for a maternity photoshoot
Image from maternity photoshoot featuring Chanel Nelson; Photographed by Jermaine Dabney (@20vsn_photography)

Jermaine Dabney (@20vsn_photography)

Jermaine Dabney, a Richmond-based photographer, has worked with us on various campaigns and client shoots. Over the last few months, we’ve had the pleasure of having him photograph a campaign we did for Leve Clothing (, a Richmond-based female-owned clothing brand, in addition to some maternity shoots. Jermaine’s most recent maternity photoshoot at our studio was for RVA Fashion Week’s Executive Director Chanel Nelson (@chanelthemaxie). His artistry and talent are apparent in the final images, as he perfectly captured the joy and love between Chanel and her husband, and their excitement for parenthood. Moreover, last week, Jermaine participated as one of our panelists for our second networking event: Called to Connect. He was more than willing to partake in this event and provided very insightful advice for the creatives he spoke with.

Model wearing chiffon dress posing on balcony
Image from Bloom installation; Photographed by Will Bower (@bowerrwill)

Hannah Grace (@_hgrace_)

Hannah Grace, a Richmond-based model, is one of the many talents that we’ve had the chance to work closely with over the last few years. She’s modeled for us on many different occasions ranging from internal brand content to client work. Hannah Grace has also participated in many of our educational opportunities. Back in April, we hosted our first all-access model development workshop, and we knew we needed creatives that would make our workshop participants comfortable. As soon as we contacted Hannah Grace, she jumped at the chance to teach during the workshop and was phenomenal. More recently, Hannah Grace joined us for another educational opportunity: Called to Connect. In addition to Jermaine, Hannah Grace was on the panel for our second networking event and offered amazing guidance to models looking to break into the fashion industry.

Image from our first studio "The Chateau"

Called to Create (@calledtocreatestudios)

While fostering creative relationships with many artists over the last few months, we’ve been working on some other endeavors as well! As previously mentioned, we hosted our first networking event and we were so grateful for the amazing turnout. One of our goals when opening the studio was to not only provide a safe space for creatives to tap into their potential, but to learn and have the opportunity to participate in educational workshops and events. Last week, we hosted our second networking event, titled Called to Connect, which was focused on a panel of models, photographers, and industry professionals offering advice on how to break into the industry and enhance their experience as an artist.

In addition to our networking events, we’ve increased our educational opportunities by adding another membership to our catalog. At the beginning of the month, we unveiled our Student Creator membership; with our studio being in such close proximity to the VCU Monroe Park Campus, we have many fashion students who are interested in exploring this side of the industry. As a result, we developed the Student Creator membership which revolves around establishing a creative community. Also included in the membership are in-depth “work days” with our expert creatives where students will get the chance to shadow creative productions and participate in hands-on education of bringing creative concepts to life. To learn more about pricing and how to apply for the membership, visit the memberships tab on our website.


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