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What To Wear on Set 101

Typically when you enter the creative industry, there’s not someone there to hold your hand and guide you through your “firsts”. Whether it’s your first fashion show, your first set build, or even your first time on set of a production, it’s common to feel like a deer in the headlights. Speaking from experience, I was, for lack of a better word, clueless about the ins and outs of how a set really operated until I stepped foot onto my first production as a style assist. One of the things I was really unsure of before my first day on set was what to wear. I wasn’t sure if I should wear something fun and bright to portray myself as energized and eager to work, or if I should wear all black and blend in so I don’t draw attention to myself. It sounds like a silly dilemma, but there’s an art to dressing yourself to work on a production.

Chic & Simple

This ensemble is one of the fool-proof options that you can reach for when getting ready for a long set day. It’s fashion-forward without being distracting and it’s relatively comfortable. While I’m sure you don’t associate sneakers and fashion forward in the same sentence, for long productions, you’re going to want comfortable shoes. Whether you’ve been hired as a stylist, hair and makeup artist, or photographer, you’re most likely going to be on your feet for the duration of the shoot, so comfortable shoes are essential. It’s hard to put your best creative ideas to work when you’re worried about your feet hurting.

Polished & Put Together

For certain productions, you may not have the opportunity to get to know the creative director or photographer before working with them. If they’ve hired you for a massive production for a well-known magazine, sometimes dressing yourself in a more polished outfit is a good idea. You never know who you’re going to meet on set of these productions, so ensuring that you look both polished and fashionable is a great position to be in.

Comfy & Casual

Not every photoshoot you’re hired to work is going to be within the four walls of a studio. Sometimes you’re going to be on location in the great outdoors, and dressing the part will ensure you’re comfortable and ready to work. This ensemble allows you to still come off as a stylish individual without sacrificing your nicest pair of pants. While this outfit is appropriate for a more laid-back photoshoot, make sure that you’re gauging what’s expected of you as a member of the on-set crew to ensure you’re not too casual.

On set at 8:00 am & drinks at 8:00 pm

As a creative, you’re probably booked and busy; subsequently, you don’t always have time to go home and change after working on set to go and meet your friends for a fun night out. This outfit allows you to be stylish while on the go and yet comfortable with the low heel on the Mary Janes. Similar to the last ensemble, make sure you know your audience and aren’t wearing something too casual for certain productions.


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